January 2012

Death Sentence in Delaware Overturned

A man is once again free after serving 20 years on Delaware’s Death Row. Jermaine Wright’s sentence was  overturned after his attorneys proved that, even with a videotaped confession, the evidence against him was not sufficient enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Wright was  indeed guilty. According to an article in the Delaware Times, Wright’s  Superior …

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Perry v. New Hampshire and Eyewitness Testimony

In a case that was recently argued before the Supreme Court, questions have arisen regarding the reliability of eyewitness testimony. In Perry v. New Hampshire,  the State Supreme Court ruled that a trial judge “cannot exclude witness identification based on suggestive circumstances, unless there was improper police manipulation of the identification” (e.g. witness tampering and …

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Injustice in Murder Cases

According to a new study recently published by the RAND Corporation,  just providing an indigent defendant a lawyer is not enough to “obtain justice”. The issues that directly affect the outcome include: whether the lawyer assigned is screened for quality, whether they are trained to handle the client’s type of case, and whether they are paid …

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