Robert McWhirter

Certified Specialist in Criminal Law
Supervising Attorney, ASU Alumni Law Group

Robert J. McWhirter is a nationally and internationally known speaker and author on trial advocacy, immigration law, and the history of the bill of rights. He is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law with the State Bar of Arizona and first chair qualified to defend capital cases by the Arizona Supreme Court.

The American Bar Association has published Mr. McWhirter’s book BILLS, QUILLS, AND STILLS: AN ANNOTATED, ILLUSTRATED, AND ILLUMINATED HISTORY OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS (ABA Press 2015). The American Bar Association has published his books THE CRIMINAL LAWYER’S GUIDE TO IMMIGRATION LAW: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, 2nd Ed. 2006 and THE CITIZENSHIP FLOWCHART, 2007. In 2010, in Padilla v. Kentucky Justice Alito extensively quoted from THE CRIMINAL LAWYER’S GUIDE TO IMMIGRATION LAW. Mr. McWhirter has served on the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section and on the Standard Committee writing the CRIMINAL JUSTICE STANDARDS.

Mr. McWhirter has extensively taught in Latin America on comparative criminal procedure and trail advocacy in Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Uruguay. He has been a visiting professor at the Catholic University of Chile and the University of Chile. In 2010-2011, Mr. McWhirter served in El Salvador administering an $11 million USAID project to reform the justice system where he successfully developed and oversaw programs and trainings for the Salvadoran courts, police, prosecutors, and public defenders. Mr. McWhirter still travels to Latin America, most recently in August 2013 on a lecture tour as a speaker grant recipient for the United States State Department and in Uruguay training prosecutors.

In 2009, Mr. McWhirter was named a Southwest Super Lawyer, a rare instance for a public defender. Mr. McWhirter is also the 2009 recipient of the Phoenix Saint Thomas More Award and the immediate past president of Arizona Attorney’s for Criminal Justice.

Mr. McWhirter is the supervising criminal attorney at the ASU Alumni Law Group, a teaching law firm.

The Law Offices of Robert J. McWhirter | Date taking office: January 2009