Death Sentence in Delaware Overturned

A man is once again free after serving 20 years on Delaware’s Death Row. Jermaine Wright’s sentence was  overturned after his attorneys proved that, even with a videotaped confession, the evidence against him was not sufficient enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Wright was  indeed guilty. According to an article in the Delaware Times, Wright’s  Superior Court Judge, John A. Parkins Jr., published a 101-page opinion responding to Wright’s fourth petition for post-conviction relief,  saying that the evidence was “weak to non-existent”, and the article quotes that “there was no physical evidence linking Wright to the crime, no murder weapon was recovered, no fingerprints or shoe prints were recovered, no one was able to pick Wright out of a lineup and there were no security camera images of the crime.”  Because of this ruling, Wright will be eligible to be released on bail sometime in the next week.