Case Profiles

The Arizona Justice Project has screened thousands of cases involving claims of wrongful conviction and manifest injustice. It is our mission to help assure that Arizona’s prisons are not housing those actually innocent or otherwise victims of manifest injustice.

Donna Bennett

Case Profile Donna Bennett Accused of intentional child abuse & felony murder Donna Jean Bennett was charged with child abuse and felony murder in 1995

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Larry Bishop

Case Profile Larry Bishop Wrongfully convicted of murder, given relief after serving 10+ years In 1998, Larry was convicted of first degree murder, aggravated assault,

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Armando Castillo

Case Profile Armando Castillo Accused of second-degree murder and chid abuse based on shaken baby theory The Arizona Justice Project is proud to announce that

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Elizabeth Cicogni

Case Profile Elizabeth Cicogni Conviction based on shaken baby syndrome Elizabeth Cicogni spent 20 years in prison for a crime she did not commit. Her

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Eddie Collins

Case Profile Eddie Collins Convicted of first degree felony murder Eddie Collins has been a client of the Arizona Justice Project for more than 10

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Louis Harper

Case Profile Louis Harper Sentenced to spend the next 50 years of his life in prison for possessing $20 of crack cocaine This is one

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