AZ Justice Project - Qualifying Charitable Organization

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit and the Justice Project, Inc.

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

The Arizona Charitable Tax Credit program allows you to donate to the Justice Project, while receiving a tax credit on your Arizona state taxes. This is not just another deduction—it is a true tax credit that reduces the amount you owe the state dollar-for-dollar. And, you can take advantage of the Charitable Tax Credit while utilizing other Arizona tax credits in the same year. You don’t have to itemize to claim the credit, and it may also be deductible on your federal income tax return.

Simply make a donation to the Justice Project by December 31, 2015 and you can receive a tax credit of up to $400 per family (filing jointly) or $200 per individual.

How does it work?

To take advantage of this tax credit:

  • Donate to an organization that serves the working poor. The Justice Project qualifies!
  • Prepare your taxes, identifying your charitable contributions. Complete AZ Form 321 and include it with your state tax forms.
  • You can find the AZ Form 321 at
Frequently Asked Questions:

How does the Justice Project utilize the Charitable Tax Credit dollars?

  • 100% of your tax credit dollars support us in achieving justice for the innocent and wrongfully imprisoned in Arizona.

Can I claim this tax credit and still donate to the school tax credit programs?

  • YES! The programs are separate tax credits, so you can claim any that you contribute towards.

When is the deadline to contribute?

  • The Charitable Tax Credit is an ongoing program, but your contribution to the Justice Project must be made by December 2015.

To Donate:

  • Write a check made payable to “Justice Project, Inc.” Write “tax credit” in the memo line.
  • Send it to:

Arizona Justice Project, Inc.

c/o AZ State Univ.

Mail Code 4420

411 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600

Phoenix, AZ 85004

OR visit to make a secure online donation.

More Information regarding the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit can be found on the AZ Dept. of Revenue website, or by calling Tax Payer Assistance at (800) 352-4090.