Case Profiles

The Arizona Justice Project has screened thousands of cases involving claims of wrongful conviction and manifest injustice. It is our mission to help assure that Arizona’s prisons are not housing those actually innocent or otherwise victims of manifest injustice.

Bill Macumber

Case Profile Bill Macumber Jury never heard the multiple confessions of a third party In 1975, Bill Macumber was convicted of two counts of first-degree

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Marjorie Phillips

Case Profile Marjorie Phillips Abused by her husband. Convicted of double homicide. Marjorie Phillips was convicted of a double homicide. She was released after criminal

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Khalil Rushdan

Case Profile Khalil Rushdan Granted Relief on the Claim of Vindictive Prosecution The Federal District Court overturned Khalil Rushdan’s conviction on evidence of vindictive prosecution.

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Betty Smithey

Case Profile Betty Smithey Granted absolute discharge after 48 years Betty Smithey went to prison for murder when John F. Kennedy was president (1963). She

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Louis Taylor

Case Profile Louis Taylor Spent 42 years in prison for arson he did not commit Longtime Arizona Justice Project client, Louis Taylor, was freed April

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John Watkins

Case Profile John Watkins Mis-Identification – Misconduct by Police – Exonerated by DNA John Watkins was convicted for a sexual assault that occurred in Gilbert,

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